Map Software

mapping software iMapBuilder is a professional mapping software to help users create interactive maps, clickable world maps, and country maps. It requires absolutely NO coding knowledge, and NO purchase of a Flash editing software suite. A version is also available for users on Mac or Linux platform, which also includes a Google Map Editor for easy development of custom Google maps with your own information and icons.

Interactive Image Software

Interactive Image Software

A4Desk series interactive image and web design programs:

Easily create interactive maps, images, websites, photo galleries, & more!

Map Software & Web Development News:

  • Online Map Creator for building interactive map without coding, with clickable points and lines, and importing of custom map images. (Jun 2017)
  • New! Map Software for cross-device HTML5 interactive map is available now. (Jun 2017)
  • New! iiCreator interactive image creator with mobile friendly HTML5 output. Turn any static image into interactive. Easily annotate, define hotspots or regions for mouse events. (May 2017)