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  • Compact. HTML Browser + Search Engine in less than 1MB. Can runs off a floppy / CD-ROM directly! No pre-installed MSIE required.
  • Scans full text or META tags for keywords, and returns results in hyper-text format.
  • The first few lines of the article, or META descriptions are extracted for quick summaries.
  • May also search and sort results on file age, file type, and file size.
  • Customizable Directory Buttons
  • Support Boolean operators.
  • Color change for visited links or mouse covered links.
  • Supports Client Side Image Maps (CSIM).
  • Supports GIF animations.
  • Browser and Search Engine are fully integrated. You may use hyperlink in your HTML document to start the search engine.
  • Easy toggle between search engine / browser.
  • Customizable Interface, switch on/off individual menu options, Kiosk mode(disable exiting, resizing, minimizing), and display your own logo, messages in LIKSE!
  • Built-in WAV player
  • Easy association with external viewers, so LIKSE may also work with non-HTML type files. (e.g. files created by your word-processor, text files)
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LIKSE is an off-line HTML browser, with a built-in full text search engine that retrieves pages in hypertext format. The search engine supports boolean operators (AND, OR, PHRASE), and will even list the first few lines of the document as a quick summary.

LIKSE is a 100% standalone application, no pre-installation of MSIE is required for viewing HTML files (many other products are actually calling MSIE functions and won't work if no MSIE is installed) . Yet it is only 1MB fully installed! It can run directly from USB Drive, Memory stick without any installation.

You may use LIKSE to help you and your users to organize information and find what you want instantly and efficiently. You no longer have to search manually for the document you want and then wait for a slow browser to load it. LIKSE is compact, runs like the wind and can even run off a floppy. It will run on any machine that has Windows installed.

cdrom friendly CD-ROM Publishers and HyperText authors can provide this tool to their readers to enable HTML reading, browsing and searching functions -- all in one! So you can ensure your reader can see your HTML files without worrying about different browser versions, and whether the users have a browser installed.

LIKSE is very easy to install, all you need is a single EXE file. There is no server needs to be configured. LIKSE requires minimal amount of memory and disk space (<1M full installation!), runs very fast even on a 386 machine. It is also LAN and CDROM friendly - you can have it up and running with minimal configuration.

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LIKSE LIKSE 32bit version (V5.50)
(for Windows 95/98/2000, updated June 14, 2004)
  • EXE version - for auto self installation [758KB]
    Server 1 | Server 2

    If you need 16bit version, you can still download LIKSE v3.xx (16bit) via the following links:

Register LIKSE

You can register LIKSE online with credit card, or by using our TOLL Free number.

Royalty-free version available for unlimited distribution.

Please click here for registration details

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