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Compact HTML editor with instant previewer for create website easily!

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DiDaPro is an easy to use HTML Editor for create website
  » delivers a lightning fast environment, instant preview, powerful set of tools!
» Single .EXE file - 900KB full download, and takes less than 1.8MB for full installation !
» Portable. Carry it anywhere -- run directly from USB Drive, Memory Stick without installation.
» Generates clean, compact HTML code for easy maintainence and updating
» Can run on Windows 95/98/XP/2000. If your computer can run NOTEPAD, it can run DiDaPro just as fast!
» Used since 1996 by many schools, universities, classes to teach HTML!
» Download FREE Trial version -- register full version for only $29.95!
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5 COWS Rating on TUCOWS!
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Key Features of DiDaPro HTML Editor

Easy, fast, clean editing interface
with color tags support and unique
'pull down' buttons.

Set page's background, text, and link attributes in one screen with instant preview.


Easy Frame editor to help you to create frames in seconds

Easy Table editor with spreadsheet style interface and instant previewer.
  Easy to use viewer mode tabs for instant preview of HTML code. CTRL-T=PREVIEW
  COLOR tags and fully customizable editing environment
  COLOR tags and fully customizable editing environment
  Large file size support - no more 32KB file size limit!
  Easy FORM editor with instant previewer.
  Powerful, flexible User Tags Support.
  Right Mouse Button access to all functions.
  Configurable Directory Bar for easy access to your most frequent used files
  Easy image insertion with preview and auto size (width / height) detection
  DateTime Stamp button
  Easy Bookmark Management.
  Auto line selection, Auto tag removal.
  File History, Current Line Number.
  Application launch bar for easy launching of application from DiDa.
  Hot Keys support for lightning fast editing
  and many more...
Download Register DiDaPro
dida DiDaPro 32bit version (V5.60)
(for Windows 95/98/2000, updated Jan 19, 2005)
EXE version - for auto self installation [949KB]
Server 1 | Server 2
dida DiDaPro 16bit version (V2.50)
(for Windows 3.x)
EXE version - for auto self installation [570MB]
Server 1
ZIP version - need Pkzip or Winzip [480KB]
Server 1
You can register DiDaPro online with credit card, or by using our TOLL Free number.

Royalty-free version available for unlimited distribution.

Please click here for registration details

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  Unique Web Design and Custom Programming
  • Fast turnaround
• Professional Quality
• Embed video & voice
• XML & database capability
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