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View, Print HTML files offline. Anytime, anywhere
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  • A powerful offline HTML browser, runs off a floppy / CD-ROM. No Winsock.DLL required.
  • NO MSIE required
  • Supports all HTML 2 tags and most HTML 3 tags.
  • Supports META Refresh, Background Music.
  • Supports Client Side Image Maps (CSIM).
  • Easy association with Helper applications.e.g. launching Media Player by clicking on .WAV files.
  • Upto 10 configurable, auto resizing Directory Buttons,
  • Easy Bookmark Management.
  • Local HomePage.
  • A range of printing options, include Page Margin, Footer / Header, Page Break, Page Numbering, Datetimestamp
  • Automatically re-loads HomePage after user pre-set idle time.
  • Image Cache to speed up displaying.
  • Export HTML files as plain text. (without tags)
  • Customizable Interface, switch on/off individual menu options, Kiosk mode(disable exiting, resizing, minimizing), and display your own logo, messages in LIKSE!
  • Portable - less than 1.44MB fully installed!!! Able to fit on a floppy disk, USB or memory stick.
  • Built-in WAV player
  • Launch programs .EXE files directly from hyperlinks
  • Download (copy) local files from hyperlinks
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html viewerNavRoad HTML Viewer is a small, fast, powerful off-line HTML browser designed for viewing HTML and web image files (GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP) anytime, anywhere.

It is a 100% standalone application, no pre-installation of MSIE is required. NavRoad is easily distributable, and can run direclty from CDROM without any installation.

Authors, Internet & CD-ROM publishers may use NavRoad to distribute their HTML and multi-media files to their users. You can carry it anywhere for run directly from USB Drive, Memory Stick without installation.

Mapping Software

iMapBuilder provides a simple solution for you to tag locations on the map, create different overlays, and share it instantly. Build maps for businesses, parks, schools, real estate and more.
Signup a free trial mapping creator a/c, or watch a video below to learn more about the online mapping software.

Subscribe to iMapBuilder Channel to watch more maps making related video tutorials.

Visit map forum to discuss about mapping solutions.

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NavRoad NavRoad (V7.00)
(for Windows 95/98/XP/2000, updated June, 2006)
  • EXE version - for auto self installation [743KB]
    Server 1 | Server 2

    If you need 16bit version, you can still download NavRoad v3.xx (16bit) via the following links:

Register NavRoad

You can register NavRoad online with credit card, or by using our TOLL Free number.

Royalty-free version available for unlimited distribution.

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