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Upon registration you will receive:
  1. A unique registration key - which will:
  2. For site/royalty free license users, a list of switches which allows you to customize NavRoad according to your needs.
  3. Free upgrades to any 5.xx version.
  4. Unlimited technical support via email.
Product NameSingle UserSite LicensingRoyalty-Free Licensing (500 users)
NavRoad (16 bit + 32 bit)35255355


  1. A teacher install NavRoad on one computer in his school's library for using by many students.
    A site license is required. Because although NavRoad is only installed on one computer, it is shared by many users.

  2. A software company publish their user guide in HTML format, put them on floppy diskettes and uses NavRoad as the viewer.
    One royalty-free license is required.

  3. A computer consultant wants to use NavRoad to distribute information for his clients, ABC Company & XYZ Company.
    Two royalty-free license is required. One for ABC Company, and one for XYZ Company. Because the right to distribute NavRoad is only granted to the licensee, and NavRoad can only be used as a viewer for files own by that licensee.

Prices are in US dollars. Please contact us if you are interested in site/royalty free licensing, or would like to register in other currencies.

Register with Credit Cards

You may register NavRoad on-line with your credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Novus brand cards), by clicking on any of the following links:

You can also order by:
Phone1 800 WWW2REG (1 800 999-2734) (Toll Free, U.S. & Canada)
+1 719 576-0123(International)
Fax+1 (719) 623-0399
**** To avoid any possible delays, please inform me by email once you have registered.

Register by Mail

You may register via mail by:

To ensure your mail can be received and that we can contact you after payment is received, please inform us by email ( first if you decide to register by mail, and we will reply immediately.

Purchase Orders / Wire transfer / Bank remittance

Please contact us ( for details.

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