LIKSE User Guide
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Program Setup

Multi-users environment

Internal commands

Link with other applications

CD-ROM Distribution

Program Setup

How to view web pages offline
To view web pages offline, you must have saved the web pages on your floppy/hard disk first. Most browsers allow the saving of web pages via File | Save as. However, in most case your browser will save only the text of the page for you. NetScape users can save an inline image by clicking the right mouse button on top of the image.

Setup your own homepage
You can start LIKSE with the search screen, a blank page, or a homepage of your choice.
To setup your homepage, simply goto Options|Home Page. Select the option - 'Start LIKSE with Home Page', and assign the HTML file you want to use as your homepage to the 'Home Page Location' field.

LIKSE can also automatically re-load your homepage when there is no user activity (like a screen saver). To use this feature, please check the 'Load Home Page after..' box, then set the period of idle time (in seconds) LIKSE will wait before re-loading the homepage.

Setup LIKSE Window
If LIKSE's Window is too small for you, it can be resized. You can also position the Window anywhere on your screen, or set it to the maximum Window size. After you make those changes you can choose [Save Options] from the "Options" menu.

Config LIKSE's Directory Buttons
LIKSE allows you to setup your own directory buttons - i.e., you can change the captions on buttons, and assign your own files to those buttons. To setup directory buttons, click on the ICON beside the rightmost directory button.

Use LIKSE as your default HTML Viewer (Windows 95 users)

** If you have problem to start LIKSE **
Some very old VGA card drivers have problems when running in 256 color mode. If you are not able to run LIKSE, please try to switch you VGA driver to use some other color mode (true color / 16 color), or setup Windows to use one of the standard VGA driver, this will normally solve the problem. If you have any other question, please feel free to email us.

Internal commands

Integrate built-in browser with search engine
LIKSE's built-in browser recognises the following hyper-links:

<A HREF="LIKSE"> - display LIKSE's search form

<A HREF="LIKSE Results"> - display the previous result screen return from LIKSE

Integrate LIKSE commands inside your HTML
LIKSE recognises the following commands from hyper-links, so you can fully integrate LIKSE with your HTML documents:

<A HREF="Back"> - back in document
<A HREF="Next"> - forward in document
<A HREF="Print"> - print current document
<A HREF="Exit"> - exit program
<A HREF="Open"> - open a document
<A HREF="Refresh"> - refresh current document
<A HREF="HOME"> - goto home document

You may use all the above keywords in your HTML document, as well as the directory bar.

Files Copying

Message Box

You can insert the page break tag - <PAGE> in your HTML document, to enforce page breaks. If you print out this document - USRGUIDE.HTM, you will see how the page break works.

Multi-users environment

***Most commands in this section are available to multi-uses license holders only
Switch on/off LIKSE Menu Options
You can disable/enable LIKSE's functions to suit your particular needs.
Menu options are stored in the file - "lkaccess.ini", under the section [ADVANCE]

The initial setting of LIKSE is to show all menu options,


Remove this line you will see how Likse can protect your work by hide options from users.

To selectively enable your menu options, please remove the above line, and then add the following lines under [ADVANCE] section to enable each menu item:

HTML_OPEN=1                        -- Enable [File Open]
XP_PLAIN=1                        -- Enable [Export file as plain text]
If you register LIKSE for multi-users (site/royalty free licensing), you will receive instructions on other switches (Edit, Save, Print, Helper Application, Bookmark, Homepage, Directory Button, Search Engine Defaults, Close, Option, Path List) upon registration.

Setup Kiosk Mode / Full Screen Window

Setup a list of search paths
On the search form there is a 'Limit to Directory' box. User may choose a directory from its drop-down list before they start search.

The advantage of using this feature is that you can put files into different directories according to their categories, and user may perform search only within the directory they are interested, which improves the search speed.

You may setup this list via Options | Path List.

If you want to limit the search only to the list setup by you, you can mark 'Limit to Directory' box read only. You do this by goto Options | Search Engine Defaults

Link with other applications

Config LIKSE to automatically launch helper applications

Config LIKSE to lauch default browser and email client

Config LIKSE to lauch your favourite HTML Editor and other program

CD-ROM / Network Distribution

Distribute LIKSE on CD-ROM/Floppy
  1. You must include the following files:
    • 16bit: LIKSE.EXE & ILDA32.DLL, or
    • 32bit:LIKSE32.EXE & ILDA16.DLL
    • LKACCESS.INI - contains your registration key and access control info.
    • LIKSE.INI - contains your LIKSE preferences (e.g. helper applications info, background color, homepage location, etc).
  2. Useful dynamic variables for defining homepage location, path list, and search headers:
    %exedir% - the directory of the program files
    %exedriver% - the driver ID from which the program is running from.
    These 2 variables are very useful if you need to refer programs, html files, images on your CDROM/Floppy, but don't know the driver ID where the user will run the program from. e.g. if your user install your program under E:\DEMO\LIKSE
    %exedir%content.htm -> E:\DEMO\LIKSE\content.htm
    %exedriver%\IMAGE\banner.GIF -> E:\IMAGE\banner.gif
  3. There is no difference between 16bit & 32bit version of LIKSE, except 32bit version supports long filenames. If not all your users are using Windows 95/NT, you should also distribute the 16bit version, for those Windows 3.1x users.
  4. If you distribute files on CD-ROM, or a read-only floppy, you should stop user from saving their preferences/boomarks to the same disk. You can do this by:
  5. Register user of roylaty-free license will receive a switch to replace the 'LIKSE' title with their own title.

Save LIKSE.ini in another directory
LIKSE.INI stores information about LIKSE's settings. If you would like to place this file in a directory other than the default (the same directory as the exe file), please add the following lines to LKACCESS.INI

You can also save bookmark to another file instead of the default 'bookmark.txt'. Please add the following lines to LIKSE.INI
LIKSE.INI - Contains  users' preferences about using LIKSE
LKACCESS.INI - Contains access options and registration info.

About LIKSE's search results
LIKSE outputs its search results into a temporary result file. You can define the temporary file's name and path by goto
[Options | Search Engine Preferences].

There are two check boxs which let you set the path of the temporary file base on environment settings:

  1. In Executable Directory: stores temporary result file in the same directory as LIKSE's executable file. For example, if the user installed LIKSE under C:\LIKSE, the temporary file will also be created under C:\LIKSE.
  2. In Windows Temporary Directory: stores temporary result file in Window's default directory for temorary files, as defined by the environment variable 'TEMP'. You can check this setting simply by use the 'SET' command in DOS mode.

You can also define the HTML code which is used as the header of search results. Within the HTML code, you can use the variable %exedir% to refer to the directory where LIKSE is running from.

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