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Compact, Powerful, Fast and Easy to use HTML editor with instant previewer!
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DiDa & DiDaPro are used for educational purposes at University of Illinois at Springfield, McMaster University of Canada, Regent University, Seoul Foreign School, University of Central Florida, and in a number of colleges, private schools, and Internet classes (include a one day class in US army).

What others have to say about DiDa...

DiDaPro HTML Editor is so simple that anyone could use it, yet it does contain some advanced options. With color-coded tags, the ability to input code for anything you want and a preview mode, this program has serious potential.


Hey this Dida is excellent! Congratulations on building an efficient, elegant, html editor. I teach Internet a the University of Illinois at Springfield. Until Dida, I had not found an editor that I was willing to recommend to my students. They all were too large, cludgy, etc. Your quick viewer is a great feature!

- Ray Schroeder (schroede@uis.edu), Professor of Communication,University of Illinois at Springfield

I love it!! I think DidaPro is the best HTML editor I've ever used; no wasting of resources, no useless wizards for every little task, no enormous overdone graphic interface. It has all of the best features I wanted in an editor, and a *terrific* user interface!

- audrar@diac.com (A.R. McHugh)

I used DIDA in a class of novices, yesterday, for creating their very first web page. They all loved the program. I found it is easy to teach and to use in a classroom setting. The Preview function was a great timesaver. I look forward to using DIDA in other classes.

- "Mitchell Baker" (mitcbak@regent.edu), Academic Technology Specialist, Regent University

Congratulations on a great product! DIDA has it all; speed, small size, elegantly simple design, ease of operation, excellent HTML support.

- head@ll.mit.edu (Greg Head)

Dida is nice! I'm particularly impressed with the size; in this era of program bloat, you get 4 stars for writing small!

- rbharper@together.net (Dick Harper)

I just wanted to say that I got DiDa and I really like it! It's very fast, I have tried HotDog, Coffeecup and many others but they're going soo slow on my 486. So i started to use just notepad. I found DiDa andtried it out, and i found it to be the fastest and easiest HTML editor I have ever seen! Thank you for making it.

Koosen@netspeedway.com (Markus Holopainen)

I bought Didapro at Version 1.30 or so...I keep trying some of the other HTML editors as they come out. But when I need to get any work done, Didapro is my workhorse. Thanks


I love your editor....the best I have ever used...I will use your editor from now on....I have tried all the others...and I mean all of them...your's by far is the most functional that I have come across.

- Fred_Plotnikoff@mbnet.mb.ca (Fred Plotnikoff)

I just d-loaded dida and it looks great so far. I usually write code by hand but this seems to be the best of both worlds.

- Jason Carr (mouse@intex.net)

I just tried Dida HTML editor and Im really impressed! Its more intuitive than most editors Ive seen, its small and the "user tags" function is great!

- nikjo@sebank.se (Johansson, Niklas (NIKJO))

Thanks for the excellent freeware. I like the small size and functionality, and the previewer makes dida the best html learning tool I have.

- kyak@pacificrim.net

The software is looking great - it is the first HTML Editor small enough to be used on my 286 laptop!

- mgarvin@vision.net.au (Mal Garvin)

Dida is great. I really like it, because it is so compact and so fast.It also runs great.

- "Michael B." (MikeB@flinet.com)

Congratulations on having written a wonderful application that has made my Web Page creation much easier. Thank you.

- Pai Yili (paiyili@fast.net)

I just wanted to let you know that I have tried the Dida editor, and I find it to be very fast and efficient. It is now my editor of choice.

- Rex (rex@intr.net)

An absolutley cracking programme. Do you have a web address that i can put on my pages as this prog deserves a bit of splashing about.

- "Richard Evans" (kissmyaxe@mail.enterprise.net)

Wicked man! I just lookd at your editor and I already love it. Beats all these slow pokes written with VB, esspecially HotDog.

- "Witold A. Batorowicz" (witold@mustang.uwo.ca)

A great tool! It's small and fast and does everything you can reasonably expect.

- "Eelco Vriezekolk" eelco@pipex-sz.net, Operations Directory, Pipex Internet Swaziland

Just wanted to let you know that I love your program. I downloaded DiDa last night. Thanks alot!. It's a geat program and is making HTML easy.

- dougdine@aztec.asu.edu (Doug Dine)

I've tried nearly every HTML editor on the market and the one I like best of all is Dida. It's small, fast, and easy to use.

- Brian Bloom (brianb@ti.com)

DIDA is simple but powerful. No much fake cosmetic in the interface as others which sometimes only make me confused. DIDA Pro 32 is even more powerful with the new application launcher. I love DIDA really.

Andi Jahja (andijahj@rad.net.id)